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Angela Maiers

Re: Bullying is not just a Youth Problem; It’s a Human One — (…)

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"Tracy, Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is so inspiring and empowering to hear that you stood up to your bully. It takes great courage to do what you did. And I give the bully credit for being "big" enough to accept responsibility and apioligize. I think this happens to adults much more that we talk about. Stories like yours are important to ensue that no one stays silent about bullying. Thank you!" — Angela Maiers

Angela Maiers

Re: Flat Classroom ends a chapter, Moving Forward — (

14 ноября (…) с Disqus — Comment — Like

"Vicki, this is very sad but know you have enormous support. The flat classroom will be a part of your legacy. You live it everyday. Chin up my friend—the world still needs your contribution. Big and beautiful things ahead for you my friend! YOU MATTER!" — Angela Maiers

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