Какие игры: теневой стороне игры


Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a veteran game designer, creator of leading game design blog What Games Are and creative director of Jawfish Games. You can follow him on Twitter here.

There’s a reason why games and organized crime have often gone hand in hand. The thrill of the win, of achieving — often with money attached — has long proved a lure that society felt the need to control, like a drug. Games of chance, Poker, horse racing, sports betting and many others brought quixotic pleasures to many and bankruptcy (or worse) to some. There was always money to be made in the shadows for those happy to work in them.

That shady aspect still exists in the games industry today. While there are some highly ethical game makers out there who conduct their business in a manner befitting their ideals, there are also plenty who dupe and…

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Буква L на You Tube сегодня

My Daily Prompt Blog


L is for Love

Blog love, to be specific.

After all, isn’t that kind of the point of the A to Z Challenge? I mean sure, part of it is to push yourself to write a lot of posts, but mainly the idea is to visit a lot of blogs, and show them some love.

So here are a few of the blogs I’ve been reading during the Challenge:

Shannon Lawrence has covering Histories Mysteries.

L. Diane Wolfe has been sharing a lot of great Promotional Tips for Writers.

Joe Lunievicz has been writing about swordfighting.

Laura Eno has been writing about cats! Who doesn’t love cats?

Andrew Leon has been posting about How to Be … any number of things.

Do you have any blogs you’ve discovered through the Challenge that relate to the letter L? Feel free to share them in the comments, and make sure to visit…

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Knights Of Glory Claims To Be The First Arabic MMO To Launch On The iPhone

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While world of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games has ballooned in the last few years, the content available to people who’d rather not play a character from Western-inspired troops beating the crap out of some vague Eastern enemy has been somewhat limited. Culture is important, right? Which is why ‘Knights of Glory‘ — a sort of ‘Arabian Knights’ inspired MMO where warring Sultans of old wage war against each other with their Medieval-era armies — has been gathering pace as the only fully Arabic browser-based MMO. Think in terms of a sort of World of Warcraft for the Arab-speaking world. Today sees the release of the iPhone version of Knights of Glory, after its approval on Apple’s App Store, and the company claims this is the first Arabic MMO on the App Store.

«We didn’t believe in the potential of MMO games on mobile phones until we found…

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В Берлине ожидает большой Tech Выход Сатирические Tumblr блоги Spawn О Hype


The hype about the Berlin tech startup scene has continued this year, but as 2013 ebbs into spring, many are asking the same question: When will the hype turn into real results? As many of my contacts said to me on a recent visit: what we need in Berlin for all this hype to be real is a big exit. The most recent evidence that Berlin is capable of producing a decent startup exit is the sale of streaming music tech company Aupeo to Panasonic Automotive, although the financial terms remain a mystery.

And German media giant Axel Springer recently acquired Berlin social TV startup TunedIn, originally founded in New York. No price was released.

Similarly, Senzari, the Miami-based streaming music startup offering an alternative to Pandora, acquired the tiny Berlin-based startup wahwah.fm. Again the terms were undisclosed.

By contrast, London and the UK, where the…

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Теперь у нас есть все эти устройства, пришло время для них, чтобы действительно работать вместе


Cross-platform is the buzzword of all the big tech companies now. During every Google earnings call, like clockwork, CEO Larry Page dedicates considerable time discussing the company’s focus on making sure users have a seamless experience and equal access to services as they switch between devices. In general, that’s already a reality if you know where to look. But there’s so much more potential.

No matter how much apps talk to one another and sync information back and forth, our devices are still essentially distinct from one another, tied together by cloud services that transfer the information to services and then back and forth between each other. But they’re still ultimately separate, and that means a lot of missed opportunity.

What I’d love to see, and what some are already exploring with projects like the Inferno cross-platform operating system, is a way for all these devices to pool…

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