Для улучшения беседы, Facebook запустит Функция ответ и наиболее активные темы на страницах и популярных профилей


Facebook is preparing to roll out a new feature on Pages and popular Profiles that will help increase interactions with fans and readers: Replies. Up to now, visitors could comment on a post but others, including the Page owners themselves, would not be able to respond directly to them in cases of multiple people commenting on a post. Facebook has been running tests of the new feature since November last year; now a source tells us it will be rolling out the feature more formally as an opt-in on Monday, March 25, before turning it on for everyone in July.

Update: Facebook has now confirmed this story and rollout plans. «We think this update will allow for easier management of conversations around posts, which is a better experience for people interacting with Pages and public figure profiles,» a spokesperson said. (original story continues below)

huffpo repliesTo the right is…

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РАЗБАВЛЯЮТ! Любители пива обвинили Anheuser-Busch в разбавлении Budweiser («Reuters», Великобритания)


1Пивной гигант Anheuser-Busch InBev разбавляет пиво перед розливом в бутылки, говорится в исках, поданных в американские суды группой потребителей, сообщили адвокаты последних. В основном иске, который компания называет безосновательным, утверждается, что содержание алкоголя в популярных американских сортах Budweiser, Michelob, Michelob Ultra, Hurricane High Gravity Lager, King Cobra, Busch Ice, Natural Ice, Bud Ice, Bud Light Platinum и Bud Light Lime не соответствует этикетке.

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Facebook обрушивает молот снова: отключает доступ MessageMe к своей Social Graph


MessageMe, an app that launched last week and raced up the charts to the #2 spot in social networking in the U.S., is confronting Facebook’s touchiness around access to its social graph.

The app’s integration with Facebook stopped functioning earlier today (see left), the result of the company’s decision to cut MessageMe off from its «Find Friends» functionality, according to sources familiar with decision. MessageMe CEO Arjun Sethi declined to comment in this story and Facebook didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

The move resembles Facebook’s decision last month to shut off Voxer’s access to the graph, even though Voxer connected to Facebook for well over a year. Voxer is another communications app that supports calling and voice chat. Facebook cut the app off around the same time that it launched competing functionality with free voice calling to other users.

In that decision, Facebook cited Section 10…

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Galaxy S IV Сейчас Leakiest Запуск Однако, как видео SmartPause и плавающий сенсорный особенности поверхности


Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S IV today at its event this evening at 7 PM ET in New York, but the cat is pretty much out of the bag at this point, and new videos have surfaced (via SammyHub) to try to spoil any remaining surprise. The Galaxy S IV videos depicts Floating Touch, SmartPause, the new unlock screen and the GSIV’s new web browsing experience.

Floating Touch works essentially like its name would suggest, allowing a user to get tooltips and other information by hovering a finger over the surface of the screen, rather than with direct touch input. In the video, it’s shown being used to bring up image previews, for example, without opening the image completely. Looks like it’ll take some getting used to, but we’ll wait until hands-on time to pass judgement.

With the Internet browsing experience, Samsung looks to have incorporated not head…

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Что такое Twitter разрывов строк Хорошо?


You may not have noticed yet but Twitter added the ability to view line breaks yesterday. This change clearly hasn’t fully sunk in yet — at least, not to my Twitter stream (which is two-line business as usual this morning). But expect a few inflated tweets to start floating through your feed soon.

Adding the ability to view line breaks is a pretty subtle change on the surface — yet a few hard returns can spread 140 characters an awful long way:

twitter line breaks tweet

Twitter won’t let you tweet giant blocks of emptiness (I checked). But you should be able to space your tweet text over around 70 lines if you ration it one character per time (and want to be really irritating):

twitter line breaks

One of the huge advantages (in my view) of Twitter is the brevity of tweets, and the resulting density of Twitter streams. Twitter is now allowing the latter to break up. Which is…

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Не удалось Firmware Update причиненный 16-часовой Outlook, Hotmail перелива


A routine sever firmware update resulted in an anything but routine outage for Microsoft’s Outlook and Hotmail. On March 12, Outlook.com and Hotmail were unavailable to some users, and as Microsoft details in a blog post, a firmware update caused servers to overheat and go offline for 16 hours. Apparently similar firmware updates had been successfully deployed in the past but something went haywire this time.

Most accounts housed on these servers were unavailable for nearly a full day. Thankfully, the outage doesn’t seem widespread. Barely any of our readers confirmed the outage affected their accounts. The Microsoft team started restoring access in waves on the night of the 12th with the task completed by 5:30AM on the 13th.

Of course any outage is bad for business, but this one is particularly bad. Microsoft is currently running a massive marketing campaign for Outlook.com, its rehash of Hotmail…

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