Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Now that you know there are 450 million acres acres of public land in the United States that are free for camping, how do you find a sweet spot? Some states, like Wyoming and Utah have vast tracts of public land while others, especially those east of the Mississippi may only have a few pockets of free space.

The best resource I have on the road is my National Geographic Adventure Atlas. Not only does it mark all the developed (usually fee) campgrounds in National Parks, State Parks, Recreation Areas, National Forests and on BLM land, it also shades in National Forests and BLM lands, where you can camp almost anywhere, for free.

National Forests and BLM land are both almost always marked with large brown conspicuous signs that say: «Entering Public Lands» or «Entering National Forest». Once you’re sure you’re on public land, watch for dirt roads…

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